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15 S. Putnam
Buffalo, New York
w/ Brad Wales, and James Brucz, Malia Goldberg, Jeff Jordan, Felix Lomonaco, Paul Murawski, Andy Petrinec, Kathy Petrinec, Andrew Petruzzelli, Peter Roetzer, Kyung-Sup Soh, Ben Siegel, James Teese, Brian Verdone, Susan Voelxen

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This house, an every-house, is the subject. Broken dreams, broken family- everyone's left but this stubborn stack of material, like dirty little secrets, just won't go away. Strip it down; sweep it out; wash it all away... repeat... again. Cut it open. Cut its face off. Tilt it. Try and shake it empty once and for all, for all. Unhinge what cannot be fixed. Let it spin. See where the roulette wheel stops. Rest, rest easy- gravity is reliable.