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With Grahame Weinbren and Sandra McLean
Kunst Medien Interaction, Vision Rurh, Dortmund, Germany 2000
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Interactive video installation.


The coal tunnel has no architecture. Its walls consist of the stuff the mine produces. It has no exterior, an interior shaped by the task for which it is intended, surfaces that are nothing but raw materials, and a shape that must follow the coal seam wherever it goes and stops when the seam stops. Its floor and ceiling are designed not for support or shelter, but simply to give access to the walls. It is dark and free of images.

The architecture of Tunnel reverses these aspects of the coal tunnel, making visible the latent assumptions that define it. It is a tunnel in the air that requires supporting struts and enclosing walls. And yet the experience of being inside it is not unlike that of being in an underground tunnel. Vertigo replaces claustrophobia. The work speaks about progress, conformity, and time.