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...If there were a way to open the cranium and have the skull bone fall downward, that would be this piece - a cranium exposed by a masonry drill bit, sparks flying, the brain exposed to air. Or may be I'm seduced by the metaphors of up and down and buildings as bodies. The attic is necessarily the brain - that's why bats live there. This time it's not so clear because the skull opens out where the jaw should be; the flapper. A huge parade float - necessarily the image when we speak of building as body...

... Let's say a spot of time, confluence of material and men and me, which could make this thing the center of some discussion. I insist it is somewhere in how we think or remember, how much is lost to view and how much there is to see, the tension between the two. So simply simple, beyond beneath choreography because there is no repetition in the moment. Only a single opening, transformation, a ceiling becoming a wall, a thought becomes an obstacle, or the reverse, a once concealed sign seen. Enough....

Harah Frost, 1990