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This work is about seeing
This work is about doing
This work is about opening
This work is about touch
This work is about tools
This work is from the inside
This work is about nothing
This work is section

Not a project, a utopia of form, a hope, nor an image
Not an argument, a goal, a directive
Not a commission
Not subject
Not beauty, angles, shape
Not designing
Not compensation
Not solution

We want insight
We want ideation
We want less
We want to open the foundation
We want the joints
We want to assemble facts
We want silence

Hive (Arch), 2002


Our collaboration in ICEBERGPROJECT.ORG will document and reprise selected works from an excavation in the non retinal order of architecture.

Our work dissects the projection of space and reveals the root relations of building. We work in specific situation and material. Our work is performative. The process of doing, the social, empirical, conceptual framework of the project, is the meaning of our work.