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The Treatment of Fractures
Carnegie Arts Center, Covington, Kentucky 1989
With Michael Williams
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The Treatment of Fractures

This work involved a number of on-site architectural interventions at the Carnegie Arts Center in Covington, Kentucky. The center had just acquired a building, erected in 1902, and was considering issues of its restoration or renovation when Fantauzzi and Williams were asked to submit a project proposal. The resulting interventions were meant to provoke questions concerning the physical evidence of the structure's history and the ways in which such evidence is transformed over time through patterns of use and decay.

By entitling their work "The Treatment of Fractures, " the two likened the circumstance of the old building to that of an injured body in need of repair. The analogy also implies that the repair should return the body/building to a certain idea(l) of health. The difficulty in this case was in determining what that idea(l) should be.